Pistachio cake

Pistachio cake  Pistachio cake is our new product for the months of March. Light pistachio cream and cake base with spinach and baked apricots. You can order the unique cake whole or enjoy it with our specialty coffee in our café. And if you want to make your taste buds even more special, treat yourself to a Matcha cappuccino with the cake.

Starting at 920.00 Kč

Fruit mix with mascarpone

8 porcí Light sponge cake with  mascarpone. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries covered in agar. The cake is sprinkled with almonds. 

Starting at 798.00 Kč

     For 20 years, we have been building a business that we would like to go to ourselves.

    It starts with the ingredients and ends with what kind of porcelain we use and what kind of coffee we order. We brew our own jam, we have fine-tuned our own coffee blend in cooperation with the roaster, and in winter we prepare our own loose teas.

    Our whole family takes care of the cafes with a team of perfect colleagues. We are grateful that we were able to create two different cafes, but we put a piece of ourselves into each one. Enjoy all-day brunch, homemade sandwiches, popular desserts

    We want our customers to leave satisfied every time!


    Rodina Klabíkova
    Rodina Klabíkova

    Our Coffee & Teas

    We like to take things to the last detail, as evidenced by the offer of coffee and tea. We prepare coffee from a mixture of beans that we have mixed with the roaster so that it has a perfect balanced taste.

    We pay the same attention to tea blends, which we mix ourselves and put into tea bags by hand.






    Caffé bar na Starém městě

    Jilská 451/20, Praha 1

    In the very center of the city, a few steps from Karlova Street, you will find a quiet and peaceful café with beautiful vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. Every day you can choose from our desserts, start your day with breakfast or we will prepare a baked homemade baguette, salad or light tapas.

    Cukrárna s kavárnou na Žižkově

    Hartigová 39, Praha 3

      In the lower part of Koněvova Street you can have a breakfast menu every day, you can also choose from our desserts, cakes, tea pastries, sandwiches, and whole cakes. We also cook soup every day, we can also prepare a stuffed tortilla with shredded meat or a fresh salad with homemade pastries.

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